9:30-10:15 - General Session 1
Celebrity athletes will tell their stories of rising above an at-risk environment.

10:30-11:15 - General Session 2  |  Dr. Cathy Wood, Partners in Pediatrics
Today’s families, especially our children, are under tremendous stress with the potential to damage both physical health and psychological well-being.  Death, illness, divorce, crime, poverty and other negative impacts have defined an evolving landscape for raising our families. How do we manage to parent from a place of love and understanding, not fear and paranoia?  It’s not possible to protect our children from the ups and downs of life. But it is possible to provide them with the tools they need to respond to the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood and to navigate successfully in adulthood.  In today’s environment, children and teens need to develop strengths, acquire skills to cope, recover from hardships, and be prepared for future challenges. Dr. Cathy Wood, long-time pediatrician at Partners in Pediatrics in Montgomery and past president of the Alabama Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, will share with Montgomery parents some tools they can use to raise more resilient children.

11:30-12:15 - Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Montgomery area experts will discuss:

  • Bullying/Suicide - Jennifer Hartley and Catherliene Williamson
  • Domestic Violence - Judge Bob Bailey and Keila Shipman
  • Parenting in the Age of Social Media - Tommy McGregor and Trinidy Thomas
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences - Dr. Cathy Wood

12:15-1:00 - Expo and Lunch
Expo will allow parents to access resources from private and governmental agencies, and non-profits who interact with children, parents, and families.