Better Parenting for
Brighter Futures
Assembly & Expo

Saturday, April 21, 2018
9 am - 1 pm

Why PARENTS should attend... 

Why should CLERGY attend...

Why should COUNSELLORS attend...



Why parents should attend... 

Do you feel frustrated every time you try to talk with your teen?

Are you overwhelmed as a single parent?

Do your family members constantly argue with each other?

Does every conversation with your teen end in anger and yelling at each other?

Are you frustrated with how much time your child spends on the computer? Video games?

Do you need help learning how to communicate effectively with your teen?

Improve parenting skills hearing from expert counsellors and therapists, as well as social service agency and criminal justice professionals.

Why should clergy attend...

Increase knowledge of the impact of adverse childhood experiences, and increase effectiveness in working with children and parents in your congregation.

Why should counsellors attend...

Interact with parents and other professionals who are working diligently to improve the future of families in the River Region.

Who should be an exhibitor?

Social service, non-profit and governmental agencies are invited to participate in the Expo. The goal is to provide parents attending the Assembly easy access to the vast array of services avaiable in the River Region community. Click here to Register.